Update: Although I am now the lone author of this blog, I decided to keep this "beginnings" post as a tribute to where we started.

In the beginning, there was fat.  And fatigue.  And sleeplessness.  And depression.  And low self-esteem.  And soreness.  And unhappiness.  And breathlessness.

You name it, we had it.

We weren't always in this condition.  In fact, we looked pretty good in our younger days. But, as life happened and we got older, we gradually forgot or just simply didn't take care of ourselves.  The weight piled on and so did the health problems.

During a family dinner one evening, David mentioned watching a documentary about Joe Cross and his journey back to health through fasting.  I was so intrigued by the story that we sat down that very evening to watch it together.  Inspiring, to say the least!  That evening I told David I wanted to do it, too, and we committed to being accountable to each other and to our families to bring ourselves back to better health.

I mentioned that we needed to document our journey.  David came up with the name of our blog and, voila!  Here we are.

I hope you'll join us along our journey.

Here's to our health and yours!


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