Sunday, June 30, 2013

Im off to work. going to do fruit today modified by my NutriBullet. Veggies tomorrow and Tues.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

David Week 4

David is having some computer issues so I am posting this for him.  I wanted to show the progress.





OMG!!!!  He's lost 20 pounds so far!  Way to go, brother!  I am so proud of you!


I've watched Dana struggle through the first week, but after weighing herself last night, she was quite pleased to see weight loss results. AND, this morning she put on a pair of capris that she couldn't wear for awhile. I'd say that's PROGRESS!

My goal this week for both my kids is to find a farmer(s) that will allow them/us pick our own produce to help reduce the cost.

I don't see much of my son during the week as he works a lot and is a single dad, so you can understand he has his hands full. But, he is determined to lose weight and maybe, just maybe, see an old flame in September. While he's on his weight loss journey he is also on a stop smoking program, so it's twice as hard for him.

This week I'm hoping to do some juice replacement meals. I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. Like Dana said in an earlier post, when our family gets together, it usually involves lots of food!! But, my kids are determined and they both have a 'head strong' streak in them (don't know where they get that from?)so I know they will be successful in this lifestyle change.

Here's the you both, Dana and David.

Love and hugs, and I'm here for both of you.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 7 - One Week Down

Weight: 168.5

That's a 4.5 pound weight loss since Day 1, folks!!

I was hoping for a little more weight loss but for the first week, I guess this is pretty good.  I can definitely see the difference in the photos.  What do you think?

I do feel that I have more energy and Mom has commented several times that she thinks so, too.

I admit I have struggled everyday this week.  Being around others who eat in front of me is hard and oh so tempting!  My mom, bless her, eats before I get home so the temptation there is less.  This weekend, though, we'll have more people in the house and I know it will be a struggle to stay on the juicing.  But, I'm seeing the results and I REALLY want to make my goal so I'll keep at it.

Tomorrow, we're going to a farmer's market to see what we can find!  Can't wait!

Here's to my health.... and yours!!!

Dana - Day 6: Fear and Weakness


Today has been the most difficult so far.  I'm feeling very weak-willed.  It seems like everywhere I look there is food.  The people around me, on the radio, on the tv, driving home or just wherever.  At work, we have a lunch meeting on Wednesdays.  It was VERY difficult to sit there while everyone else was eating those delicious looking wraps stuffed with turkey, roast beef, cheese, tomatoes.... you get the picture.  And then, I come home and my wonderful mom has a pot of green beans cooking on the stove.  My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it.  I'm certainly aware that others around me have to eat - maybe I could just go around with nose plugs or something.


I was thinking about this the other night.  It was a thought that came to me out of nowhere but that struck a chord with me.  I realized that I'm afraid of being hungry.  Or rather, I have this deep-seated fear of going without food or somehow not having access to food.  I wondered if that was possibly the reason that I have felt the need to eat, even when I'm not hungry.  I think making this lifestyle change is more than just changing my eating habits and choosing the right foods.  I think the majority of the change must be psychological.  It's about changing the way I think and feel about food.  I must come to terms with the fact that I don't NEED to snack or eat to feel better.  And I need to believe and understand that I won't starve between meals and that there will be a next meal.

I'm not sure where this fear originated from.  I didn't grow up being hungry.  In fact, my quite large and loving family always seems to have food around.  I admit that there have been times in the last few years when I have wondered if we (my husband and I) would be able to afford to buy groceries.  After being separated from the military with only 5 weeks notice and no job prospects, those things suddenly become serious concerns.  Even so, we have never gone without food.

So, today I struggle.  Mightily.  But, I'm not giving in yet.

Here's to my health... and yours!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dana - Day 5

Weight:  170 lbs.  Another pound of fat down the drain!

So it's my first full day of complete juicing.  The past few days have leading me up to the complete juicing.  I definitely recommend doing it that way.  It has been less of a strain on me today than I thought it would be.

I had some hunger pangs just before 10am but I drank my mid-morning juice and was fine.  Then, hunger pangs again right at noon.  Lunch time.  Overall, though, the pangs are not bad and I'm able to make it through to my next juice with no problems.

The past couple of days I've had to discipline myself, though!  It's not easy when a co-worker comes in with a scrumptious smelling dish of pasta.  And there are cookies on the counter that are whispering my name.  But.... I have been strong!!  I resisted.  I keep telling myself I want to be thin more than I want the sugary, fattening food!  My will IS stronger than my cravings!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dana - Day 4

Weight: 171 lbs.  2 pound loss since Day 1.

I wasn't going to weigh myself this morning but I couldn't stand not knowing!  I didn't expect anything, really.  But I was pleasantly surprised at a 2 pound weight loss just over the weekend.  It hasn't even been a week yet!!!!  Wooo Hoooo!!!!

The symptoms are here.  Not bad, but they're here.  I noticed this morning a bit of acne.  Ok, not a lot...just one, but still.  I'm usually pretty fortunate in that I don't break out much so I know this is part of the detoxing.  And I think I may have a hint of bad breath.  I find myself wanting to brush my teeth during the day.  I'll be popping breath mints for the time being.

I'm feeling fuller quicker.  Today for lunch was the Reboot salad and Green Detox Soup.  I almost couldn't finish it.  Same with my mid-morning juice (carrots and apples - which was refreshingly good!).  I had felt a couple of hunger pangs before drinking the juice but was satisfied afterwards until lunch.

I've been having solid food cravings here and there.  Not too bad, but they do come upon me.  I've resisted so far and the cravings seem to be getting less and less.  I'm happy about that because there's a lot of crackers and goodies in my mother's pantry!  And she keeps a stash of Heath bars in the kitchen drawer - those are my absolute FAVE!!!  But, I have resisted those, too.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dana - Day 3

Breakfast on Day 3.  It's a green smoothie.  I wasn't as thrilled about this recipe as some of the others I've had but it wasn't terrible.  I'm finding that I'm not as hungry between "meals".  I had to make myself drink my mid-morning juice.

Below is my mid-morning juice - Green Lemonade.  Also not my favorite but still palatable.  It tasted like... well, green lemonade.

Here's what went in to the green lemonade.  Kale, celery, green apple, spinach, and one lemon.

So far, I'm not having any major symptoms.  I'm so thankful for that!  I do have some but they are fairly mild.  Up to this point, though, I've been able to eat some simple salads so I'm wondering if the solid food, light though it is, prevents or lessens the symptoms.  I expected to feel horrible by today but I really don't.  I know I'm detoxing, though, because I'm peeing constantly!  (Is that too much info?)  I was a little dizzy earlier today but it passed quickly.  

I'm following Joe Cross's Week 1 menu to the T.  There have been some recipes I absolutely loved and some I didn't care for.  I'm giving it time, though, because I expect my taste buds need to change and get used to not having fat in my diet.  

Tonight, I'll be planning for my work day tomorrow and preparing what I need for breakfast and lunch ahead of time.  Many of the recipes I've been making are double batches so I'm able to save half for another meal.  Joe has really thought this out well!  

I just had squash and apple soup and sauteed greens with garlic for lunch.  Feeling satisfied.  I'm even watching a cooking show on HGTV.  No hunger pangs.  

On to tomorrow.....

Here's to my health.... and yours!!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dana - Day 2

I woke up this morning with a headache.  I really wanted to sleep in today as it's a Saturday.  And I did...until about 8:45 when I couldn't stand it anymore.  I was determined to stay in bed till 9am but my body had other ideas!

Today is green juice day.  Check it out!

This is what went in to making the juice.

2 bartlett pears, 6 celery stalks, 2 cucumbers, 6 handfuls of kale.

Here's to my health... and yours!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Dana - Day 1

Weight: 173.00

Look at that - I haven't really been trying and I've already lost a pound and a half!  Woo Hoo!!

So, today is Day One..... Here's a rundown.

7am:  Breakfast.  Berry and Apple Bake.  Finished it at work by 8:30am.

10:00am:  I'm a little hungry.  Experiencing some stomach rumblings.  Drank my first juice - Carrot, Apple, and Ginger.  It's not bad but takes some getting used to.  It's slightly sweet from the apples.  I'm not sure I like the ginger in it.  I may try it without.  I have to remember to drink water! 

10:51am:  Headache, but slight.  I'm at work so it could be a stress headach.  I think it's too early for symptoms.

11:00am:  It took me an hour to drink the juice.  I think my taste buds need to change.  I'm not a huge fan of carrots anyway.  But really, the juice isn't bad. 

11:37am:  I had a strong urge to snack.  I have some cajun mix in my desk drawer.  Must remove that temptation!  I drank water instead.

12:00pm:  Starving!!  Ate my Reboot salad and "fries."  Still have a slight headache.

1:54pm:  Still feeling satisfied from lunch.  I'm drinking water to keep my stomach full.  So far, so good!

2:41pm:  snacking urge.  Still have a headache.  Time for ibuprofen.  I still don't think the real detoxing has started yet though.

2:59pm:  Hungry!!  Time for mid-afternoon juice.  .....sprinting to the kitchen!!

3:38pm:  hunger pangs went away.  Feeling full again and still have 1/2 my juice left.  

5:00pm:  not feeling too bad, but have to go pee....again.  It's been about every thirty minutes!  Hopefully that's the fat melting away.

7:39pm:  dinner was delish!  It was the kale and avocado salad from the Reboot menu.  I'll be having that again once I'm past the fasting phase.

Time to relax...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Day Before

So, it's the night before I officially start my juicing journey.  I bought a fridge full of fresh fruits and veggies.  And let me tell you... it's FULL!!  

Tomorrow is Day 1.  I'll post my menu tomorrow but here's a sneak peak of what I'll be having.  

For the juicing:  6 carrots, 4 apples, and a piece of ginger root.  

It looks refreshing, doesn't it?

The end result of the juicing.... Yum!  

The menu calls for sweet potato and carrot "fries"...  this is only for the first day.  Of course, these are baked, NOT fried!

Wish me luck!  

Here's to my health - and yours!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Im not dead yet. Actually I am enjoying my lunch consisting of an orange and an apple. This last week I have been trying something a little different. High fiber and no sugar. Fiber slows down insulin production in the body. I have maintained my loss of 18 lbs but have not lost much. So I have found a way to maintain my weight once i get it where I want. Last night I started my `Bullet regimen again. I have added garlic, collards, mango, and onion to the mix. Next week I have to start walking after work. That should supercharge the fat killing. Toodles!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

One Week Countdown

Ok. This is it!  I will have my juicer this weekend so I've decided that I'm going to start my fast next Friday.  I know, seems like an odd day to start a diet....on a weekend.  I've read, though, that it takes about three to four days to get through the hunger, fog, and irritability.  I'm hoping that by Monday most of the detoxing will be complete and the symptoms will be much less.

UPDATE:  I now have the juicer and juiced a variety of fruit (it's Saturday, June 15th).  It was actually pretty good.  I think I'm going to start taking at least one juice with me to work this week to help my body start adjusting to the process.

I'll be gathering veggies and more fruit this week and setting up my juice bar.  Per my brother's advise, on Friday I'll start with vegetable juices.

We had family over tonight and had pulled pork sandwiches.  I heard David telling Mom after dinner that we needed to drastically change the food in the house.  I think this will be a transition for her, too.  One of the ways she makes you feel welcome is to feed you.  It was the same with her mom.  It's  hard to break tradition.

I'm proud of David, though.  He ate tonight but I noticed it was mostly salad with oil and vinegar dressing!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Well, thanks to my sister I'm blogging now. About a week and a half ago I bought a blender. Not just any blender. This one may as well have racing stripes and would take the next pole if it had tires.  its a NutriBullet. Look it up, its a good machine. I love what the NutriBullet does to fruit. I have been "dieting" for exactly 5 days hard and a few days before that at about half speed. I weighed myself a week and a half ago....265.5lbs. Today....247.5lbs. I'm going in the right direction.  Not all because of my new 'Bullet. There are a couple things i have learned about fiber and sugar. (By sugar I mean the 'fructose, sucralose and any .ose.) One can be deadly.....

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things I'm eating

Before starting the fast, I wanted to make note of what I've been eating up to this point.  I haven't put any restrictions on myself yet.  From this meal, I can definitely see why I'm fat!

My mom, Gail, and I had lunch at a great Italian restaurant.  Of course, they serve bread with olive oil and Parmesan cheese.  As you can imagine, it was yummy.

This was the appetizer...calamari, fried.  Fried or not....that is disgusting and I ate one little piece, trying desperately not to gag.  Gross!  My mom loved it though.

Dinner the same night.  It was Saturday and we had a friend over for dinner and chick flicks.  (BTW, Safe Haven is really good!). This dish consisted of chicken quesadillas with bacon, some anti-pasta goodies (artichoke hearts, salami, marinated mushrooms), black bean and pepper chips with guacamole.  OMG!!  It was good but I feel my arteries closing!!

I'm embarrassed and shamed.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

Batch Juicing

During the R & P phase (Research & Planning), I've been checking out some other juicers to see what tips I  can find out.  I thought this one made sense.

Juice in batches.

At first, David and I were thinking about what it would take to carry around our juicers with Joe Cross did.  That would be a hassle for both of us.  I work in an office.  David visits clients houses all day. It's a hassle and cumbersome.  I'm glad we don't need to do it that way!

This person suggests to juice in batches.  Basically, you get home from work and juice for dinner, and breakfast and lunch the next day.  This seems pretty feasible for me.  

It think this is how my routine will go.

I'm always open to suggestions though...

On another note:  I think I want to compare how I'm feeling now to what I will be feeling later after the juicing starts.  So, here it is...

Feelings today:  it's a Monday, what can I say?  Physically, I'm tired and I have a slight headache.  Not very motivated.  I'm not able to concentrate very well today.  I could sure use another day off.  Looking forward to getting started and finding it difficult to wait until I can get my physical done.  I'm ready to start NOW!  I need the physical AND mental benefits!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Research and Planning

Although we're siblings, David and I have very different personalities.  He is much more analytical and cautious than I am.  He takes after our mother in that respect.  I, on the other hand, tend to jump in with both feet before testing the waters.  When David and I agreed to do this together, I was ready to get started!  Let's do this thing!  Let's get a-move on!

Whoa, Nelly!!

I forced myself to put the breaks on.  First, I want to do this the right way and be methodical about it.  I want it to last, after all.  This is not simply a jump on/jump off the band wagon deal.  This is a life change not just for me but for my brother, too.  This is our lives...and it's important.

So, before getting started there are two orders of business:

1. Planning
2. Health assessments

We're already in the planning stages.  David has been checking out juicers and smoothie machines.  I already have both but he needs to find what will work for him.  

I am very structured and like to have my days planned out if possible.  In that regard, I want to make sure we have good juice recipes.  I need to know where to get our produce in bulk.  I need a daily plan.  For that, I plan to use Joe Cross's daily plan suggestions until I get comfortable enough to plan it out myself.

One of my requests was that we both have a physical.  I want to know exactly where I stand in that regard so I have some very concrete measurements.  David is not so thrilled.  Like our father, he doesn't like doctors.  But, both Mom and I are encouraging him.

My only snag there is that I just started a new job and health insurance won't kick in till July.  I'll have to wait till then to get checked out.  In the meantime, planning it is!

When all I want to do charge ahead!  This is going to kill me!!

On to the planning.....