Monday, March 7, 2016

It's the CHEESE!

About a month ago, I decided to take on a Vegan Challenge on Instagram.  About 20 years ago, I went for a full year as a vegetarian and never missed meat so I thought this would be fairly easy for me.  It was.... but with a couple of exceptions.  I.... LOVE... CHEESE!

I do... I love cheese.  I love sour cream.  I love creamy things. 

For the most part, the Vegan Challenge wasn't challenging at all for me.  It was pretty easy for me to cut out meat and I didn't miss it.  But, here was my challenge....

I found I have a very hard time cutting the cheese..... ok, I know how that sounds!!! 

To be true to the Vegan Challenge, I did try the vegan cheese and the vegan sour cream - but, not wanting to scare my family with projectile vomiting, I opted to put that aside after the first try.  I think it must be an acquired taste.  This is something I'll have to work on.  ....Or maybe not.....

Anja, from Cooking With Plants, says you don't need cheese!  However, for those of us who LOVE cheese, she provides us with several cheesy vegan options.  I love her!

10 vegan cheese alternatives

After my week of the Vegan Challenge, I thought, "I can do this pretty easily."  So, I began to do some research on recipes.  I didn't want to eat just lettuce, you know?! 

[Let me just set this straight right here - Vegans do NOT eat just lettuce.]

I actually found Anja (Cooking with Plants) after my Vegan Challenge.  I loved her recipes so much that I began to follow her on Instagram and YouTube.  I also found a little gem with Cherie Tu with Thriving On Plants, who I also found on Instagram and YouTube.  I was captured by the fact that Cherie was a teenager and choosing a vegan lifestyle.  I was also enthralled by her beautiful photos and videos of the food she makes.  Even as young as she is, I believe she is a food artist! Check out her breakfast oatmeal in the video below. 


And you know what?  I don't see a lot of cheesy things in Cherie's food either!

So, I think my own challenge is to begin to eliminate the cheese and sour cream from my diet.  I'll let you know how that goes. 


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