Monday, June 10, 2013

Batch Juicing

During the R & P phase (Research & Planning), I've been checking out some other juicers to see what tips I  can find out.  I thought this one made sense.

Juice in batches.

At first, David and I were thinking about what it would take to carry around our juicers with Joe Cross did.  That would be a hassle for both of us.  I work in an office.  David visits clients houses all day. It's a hassle and cumbersome.  I'm glad we don't need to do it that way!

This person suggests to juice in batches.  Basically, you get home from work and juice for dinner, and breakfast and lunch the next day.  This seems pretty feasible for me.  

It think this is how my routine will go.

I'm always open to suggestions though...

On another note:  I think I want to compare how I'm feeling now to what I will be feeling later after the juicing starts.  So, here it is...

Feelings today:  it's a Monday, what can I say?  Physically, I'm tired and I have a slight headache.  Not very motivated.  I'm not able to concentrate very well today.  I could sure use another day off.  Looking forward to getting started and finding it difficult to wait until I can get my physical done.  I'm ready to start NOW!  I need the physical AND mental benefits!


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