Friday, June 21, 2013

Dana - Day 1

Weight: 173.00

Look at that - I haven't really been trying and I've already lost a pound and a half!  Woo Hoo!!

So, today is Day One..... Here's a rundown.

7am:  Breakfast.  Berry and Apple Bake.  Finished it at work by 8:30am.

10:00am:  I'm a little hungry.  Experiencing some stomach rumblings.  Drank my first juice - Carrot, Apple, and Ginger.  It's not bad but takes some getting used to.  It's slightly sweet from the apples.  I'm not sure I like the ginger in it.  I may try it without.  I have to remember to drink water! 

10:51am:  Headache, but slight.  I'm at work so it could be a stress headach.  I think it's too early for symptoms.

11:00am:  It took me an hour to drink the juice.  I think my taste buds need to change.  I'm not a huge fan of carrots anyway.  But really, the juice isn't bad. 

11:37am:  I had a strong urge to snack.  I have some cajun mix in my desk drawer.  Must remove that temptation!  I drank water instead.

12:00pm:  Starving!!  Ate my Reboot salad and "fries."  Still have a slight headache.

1:54pm:  Still feeling satisfied from lunch.  I'm drinking water to keep my stomach full.  So far, so good!

2:41pm:  snacking urge.  Still have a headache.  Time for ibuprofen.  I still don't think the real detoxing has started yet though.

2:59pm:  Hungry!!  Time for mid-afternoon juice.  .....sprinting to the kitchen!!

3:38pm:  hunger pangs went away.  Feeling full again and still have 1/2 my juice left.  

5:00pm:  not feeling too bad, but have to go pee....again.  It's been about every thirty minutes!  Hopefully that's the fat melting away.

7:39pm:  dinner was delish!  It was the kale and avocado salad from the Reboot menu.  I'll be having that again once I'm past the fasting phase.

Time to relax...


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