Sunday, June 9, 2013

Research and Planning

Although we're siblings, David and I have very different personalities.  He is much more analytical and cautious than I am.  He takes after our mother in that respect.  I, on the other hand, tend to jump in with both feet before testing the waters.  When David and I agreed to do this together, I was ready to get started!  Let's do this thing!  Let's get a-move on!

Whoa, Nelly!!

I forced myself to put the breaks on.  First, I want to do this the right way and be methodical about it.  I want it to last, after all.  This is not simply a jump on/jump off the band wagon deal.  This is a life change not just for me but for my brother, too.  This is our lives...and it's important.

So, before getting started there are two orders of business:

1. Planning
2. Health assessments

We're already in the planning stages.  David has been checking out juicers and smoothie machines.  I already have both but he needs to find what will work for him.  

I am very structured and like to have my days planned out if possible.  In that regard, I want to make sure we have good juice recipes.  I need to know where to get our produce in bulk.  I need a daily plan.  For that, I plan to use Joe Cross's daily plan suggestions until I get comfortable enough to plan it out myself.

One of my requests was that we both have a physical.  I want to know exactly where I stand in that regard so I have some very concrete measurements.  David is not so thrilled.  Like our father, he doesn't like doctors.  But, both Mom and I are encouraging him.

My only snag there is that I just started a new job and health insurance won't kick in till July.  I'll have to wait till then to get checked out.  In the meantime, planning it is!

When all I want to do charge ahead!  This is going to kill me!!

On to the planning.....


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