Monday, June 24, 2013

Dana - Day 4

Weight: 171 lbs.  2 pound loss since Day 1.

I wasn't going to weigh myself this morning but I couldn't stand not knowing!  I didn't expect anything, really.  But I was pleasantly surprised at a 2 pound weight loss just over the weekend.  It hasn't even been a week yet!!!!  Wooo Hoooo!!!!

The symptoms are here.  Not bad, but they're here.  I noticed this morning a bit of acne.  Ok, not a lot...just one, but still.  I'm usually pretty fortunate in that I don't break out much so I know this is part of the detoxing.  And I think I may have a hint of bad breath.  I find myself wanting to brush my teeth during the day.  I'll be popping breath mints for the time being.

I'm feeling fuller quicker.  Today for lunch was the Reboot salad and Green Detox Soup.  I almost couldn't finish it.  Same with my mid-morning juice (carrots and apples - which was refreshingly good!).  I had felt a couple of hunger pangs before drinking the juice but was satisfied afterwards until lunch.

I've been having solid food cravings here and there.  Not too bad, but they do come upon me.  I've resisted so far and the cravings seem to be getting less and less.  I'm happy about that because there's a lot of crackers and goodies in my mother's pantry!  And she keeps a stash of Heath bars in the kitchen drawer - those are my absolute FAVE!!!  But, I have resisted those, too.


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