Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dana - Day 3

Breakfast on Day 3.  It's a green smoothie.  I wasn't as thrilled about this recipe as some of the others I've had but it wasn't terrible.  I'm finding that I'm not as hungry between "meals".  I had to make myself drink my mid-morning juice.

Below is my mid-morning juice - Green Lemonade.  Also not my favorite but still palatable.  It tasted like... well, green lemonade.

Here's what went in to the green lemonade.  Kale, celery, green apple, spinach, and one lemon.

So far, I'm not having any major symptoms.  I'm so thankful for that!  I do have some but they are fairly mild.  Up to this point, though, I've been able to eat some simple salads so I'm wondering if the solid food, light though it is, prevents or lessens the symptoms.  I expected to feel horrible by today but I really don't.  I know I'm detoxing, though, because I'm peeing constantly!  (Is that too much info?)  I was a little dizzy earlier today but it passed quickly.  

I'm following Joe Cross's Week 1 menu to the T.  There have been some recipes I absolutely loved and some I didn't care for.  I'm giving it time, though, because I expect my taste buds need to change and get used to not having fat in my diet.  

Tonight, I'll be planning for my work day tomorrow and preparing what I need for breakfast and lunch ahead of time.  Many of the recipes I've been making are double batches so I'm able to save half for another meal.  Joe has really thought this out well!  

I just had squash and apple soup and sauteed greens with garlic for lunch.  Feeling satisfied.  I'm even watching a cooking show on HGTV.  No hunger pangs.  

On to tomorrow.....

Here's to my health.... and yours!!!!


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