Saturday, June 29, 2013


I've watched Dana struggle through the first week, but after weighing herself last night, she was quite pleased to see weight loss results. AND, this morning she put on a pair of capris that she couldn't wear for awhile. I'd say that's PROGRESS!

My goal this week for both my kids is to find a farmer(s) that will allow them/us pick our own produce to help reduce the cost.

I don't see much of my son during the week as he works a lot and is a single dad, so you can understand he has his hands full. But, he is determined to lose weight and maybe, just maybe, see an old flame in September. While he's on his weight loss journey he is also on a stop smoking program, so it's twice as hard for him.

This week I'm hoping to do some juice replacement meals. I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. Like Dana said in an earlier post, when our family gets together, it usually involves lots of food!! But, my kids are determined and they both have a 'head strong' streak in them (don't know where they get that from?)so I know they will be successful in this lifestyle change.

Here's the you both, Dana and David.

Love and hugs, and I'm here for both of you.


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